Instructional Design

The Addie Model

My approach to instructional design is based on the IPISD/ADDIE framework with agile elements, use of Bloom’s revised taxonomy in writing learning objectives, and a strong focus on practical learning events and assessments that bring about learning and improved performance.

Check out this conceptual project that I worked on with other IDs at eLearning Launch, using the ADDIE framework. We had four weeks to create ILT/VILT and self-paced eLearning solutions.

Partnership Philosophy

Four partners collaborating to generate creative solutions
Collaborative synergies

I believe that each member of a development team brings vast amounts of experience, unique and synergistic to the project.

Helping one another succeed brings about the best results.

Course Alignment Approach

This conference presentation deck contains screenshots of the course alignment process, benefits, and faculty testimonials.

Benefits of this approach

  • validate the alignment of course and unit objectives with the learning experience
  • visually shows the balance of objectives and the learning experience
  • highlights gaps

Check out the QR code on the last slide. Samples are still available for download.

Sharon was an excellent resource as she provided timely feedback and guidance throughout the process which allowed me to continue working and making progress as we kept the end goal in mind.

Dr. Cheryl Chance
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