Multimedia Projects

Articulate Storyline 360

Interactive courses can be implemented with an LMS to track how well learners did on assessment pieces. These can be stand-alone courses or a series of courses that build towards mastery of program goals.

Demo course landing slide image
View Demo course with quizzes, instructions on pages and lightboxes, as well as a final page showing time and date of completion.
Sample Orientation course using an escape room approach to introduce human skills, also known as soft, transversal, or durable skills.

Video Editing with Camtasia

Some messages are better seen and heard, especially when the topic is a little more complex, or the intention is to elicit certain emotions.

One-minute video creation with AAPI and Self-care message
Two-minute tutorial on an Excel function called net work days
Video treatment with given script and voice over audio file

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR can be used to complement F2F, hybrid, and online training. Download the Zappar app or use the browser version to launch this AR experience. Scan the image below with the app or browser to begin.

Keep this image at your desk, bookmark it in a browser, or place a printout with your yoga mat for easy access to the audio counter. Stretch to improve how you feel.
Add depth to menus and link out to instructional resources. Keep your phone anchored on this image and adjust the distance to see what’s hidden on the Z-axis.
Travel or explore new places with AR. This could be a lab, a new office, a training set-up, or a wellness exercise. You’ll need room to walk around in. Rescan to re-position yourself as needed.
Insert tutorial or demonstration videos as job aids .
This is a demo on what you can do with your furbaby, using positive training and consistent practice.
Bring experiences into your living space.
Utilize 3D models to demonstrate or share information.

Audio recording and editing in Audacity

A few children’s stories from a book were recorded in 2020 using Audacity, and are available on SoundCloud.

Audio Collaboration

The publisher of the book, Cottage Door Press, used one of my recordings to complement images out of the book in a YouTube video.

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