Course Samples

Asynchronous Online Masters-Level Course

This is a course for an online Masters program in 2018, focusing on instructional media development. The course introduces concepts and frameworks key to designing high quality instructional media. Examples include Mayer’s principles of multimedia learning, universal design for learning, and the learning object review instrument. These prepare pre-service and in-service teachers or administrators to create as well as review learning objects around learning objectives and good design principles. Copyright to this course belong to the University of Kansas.

Course outcomes

  1. Develop multimedia alternatives for traditional content
  2. Design multimedia-enhanced learning objects
  3. Justify the use of multimedia in learning

Sample course plan developed in Excel

Excel spreadsheet showing how course and unit learning objectives relate to the learning experience

Created Resources

Screenshot of a storyboard used to create a Scratch project

Hybrid Community College Information Systems (IS) Course

I designed and piloted a hybrid, project-based course in Spring 2015 that comprised of individual online learning, tutorials, and simulations, followed by pair, group, and class, discussions, activities, and assessments, in class. This was a challenging curriculum and students built upon their theoretical understanding by applying learned concepts to a business start-up that they envisioned. Students took on different roles in teams, made professional presentations, responded to “stakeholder” comments, reworked IS designs, researched, and evaluated current IS technologies for their own business plans.

F2F Lifelong Computer Courses

Screenshot of a catalog describing two courses: intro to computers and the internet and beyond
Computer 101 and 102 course descriptions from the Lawrence KS Lifelong recreation catalog

In 2014, developed and facilitated hands-on, face-to-face workshops for senior citizens in my county prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. The courses are on-hold due to Covid-19.

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